About us


At DCMS Cochin, our mission is to empower students with the tools and support they need to achieve their academic and professional dreams through international education. Guided by the principle of 'Global Minds, Local Excellence,' we are committed to providing comprehensive college admission consultancy services, specializing in study abroad programs. By fostering a global perspective and facilitating access to esteemed educational institutions worldwide, we aim to guide students towards a future of diverse learning experiences and limitless career opportunities. Our mission at dcmscochin.com is to be the trusted partner in shaping educational journeys that transcend borders and inspire success.


At DCMS, our vision is to be the premier global destination for personalized college admission consulting services. We aspire to create a transformative and inclusive platform that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting aspiring students with top-tier educational opportunities worldwide. Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted beacon of guidance, enabling students to navigate the complex landscape of higher education with confidence. By continually innovating and adapting to evolving academic landscapes, we envision being the go-to resource that empowers students to embark on successful educational journeys, shaping their futures with knowledge, excellence, and global perspectives.

About US

DCMS Cochin is headed by a team of professionals with nearly two decades of experience in providing realistic, value based, professional courses that are both a source of income to students and an act of assistance to the society.

Some of the top executives in the business are in charge of the ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Every effort has been made to develop and train a workforce that is among the most productive. Ten thousand candidates have had their employment in Kerala, India, and other countries facilitated by us. As part of our social responsibility, we guarantee that women and those from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds receive high-quality education, promoting equal access to opportunities for gainful employment and fostering a more cohesive and diverse community.

About the Administrators

The administrators of DCMS Cochin Care Academy are a group of experts with close to twenty years of experience in offering practical, morally-driven professional courses that benefit society as a whole while also providing students with a means of support. Thousands of women and members of economically and socially marginalized groups have benefited from the team’s training, which has helped them find productive jobs and achieve financial and social independence. Numerous students of ours have found successful employment across Kerala, India, and worldwide.

For our students we are offering job placement in