Even though globalization has created a widespread opportunities in business, any unprofessional or unsystematic activities in the management could create a tremendous disaster. The supervisors and managers must not only have vocational, technical knowledge about their specialized field of operation in the organization, but also knowledge about management functions and principles. The work component of any job rests on two pillars, namely technical work and management work.  Knowledge about management principles should be obtained through formal study programs from recognized Universities along with job training, external seminars or programs. It is of the utmost importance for any person in any job in life; even for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, the richest people in life and even the lowest level of jobs.

Divine College of Management studies has gained its importance through the recent years since it is the most effective provider of systematic Management Education and Training to its students, and with the same reason there is a considerable demand for their students in the present job market.



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