Every person, right from an office assistant to a chief executive of any organization has to know management for efficient functioning. Every untrained person will acquire required management techniques by experience, but this will be at the cost of many failures and wrong decisions. A formal training will be a guide to grasp any situation with ease and enable one to take correct decisions.

Any additional qualification in your Resume will be advantageous to improve the employment prospects or to enhance the promotion prospects if you are employed. College going students should try to acquire a management diploma before they graduate, to gather an edge over others in this competitive employment sphere
Divine College of Management Studies offers various Job Oriented Courses which are in great demand all over the world to enable them to acquire high end jobs.  Some of the courses are specifically designed for the Defense Service Personnel.  All the courses are offered under Distance Mode and with specially structured and a vary Nominal Fee.  All the courses are from JSS – Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Some of the Important and Industry Demanded Government

Courses are listed below:-

  1. Certificate Course in Fire & Safety Management:
  2. Certificate Course in Security Management:
  3. Certificate Course in Personnel Management:
  4. Certificate Course in Material Management:
  5. Certificate Course in Life Guard &  Swimming Pool Maintenance:
  6. Diploma level course in office management
  7. Diploma level course in  advertising management
  8. Diploma level course in materials management
  9. Diploma level course in travel and tourism management
  10. Diploma level course in  marketing management
  11. Diploma level course in  business management
  12. Diploma level course in retailing management
  13. Diploma level course in security management
  14. Diploma level course in care taking and facility management
  15. Diploma level course in lifeguard and swimming pool maintenance (Only for Navy Personnel)
  16. Diploma level course in Fire and Safety Management ( Only for Defense Service Personnel)

        Qualification – 10th Pass with 5 Years of Relevant Experience



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